"Launching in June 2017, and Chef Addie Gundry are proud to present... the 103 cookbook collection! Inspired by the types of recipes our readers love the most and coupled with Addie Gundry's signature easy, elegant style of cooking, these cookbooks showcase how you can make the most popular recipes around from your very own kitchen. From family-favorite casseroles to simple no-bake desserts to everyday dinner ideas and more, these simple dishes will become beloved favorites in no time."

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Addie has taken casseroles and made them modern and fun. Perfect, easy-to-make recipes when youโ€™re looking for something a little different to share with friends and family. Watching Addieโ€™s star shine has been truly inspiring. She is definitely going to be an impactful leader in the next generation of chefs.
— Rick Tramonto

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