Happy Halloween!

Bottled up skeleton cocktails and bat bandanas! Trick-or-treating is not just for the kids! Simple sweet pretzels can be made ahead of time, packaged up and given out! I am wishing you all a spectaculary spooky day! #happyhalloween

White Chocolate Peanut Butter Pretzels

 white chocolate covered pretzels
2 oz cream cheese
1/2 tbl half and half
2 tbl creamy peanut butter

Directions: Combine cream cheese, half and half, and peanut butter. Put mixture in piping bag. Lay pretzels out on sheet tray. Drizzle with peanut butter mixture and top with sprinkles. Let dry / harden before packaging!

Candy Corn Cocktail

Candy Corn Cocktails
2 oz vodka
4 oz champagne
4 oz tonic water
candy corn

Directions: Combine all ingredients and serve over ice.

Little Halloween fun is hidden all over the house..! I can't resist stripey straws!

Pick your Poison...!

Make a cocktail and fill these little apothecary looking jars for your guests to take home!

 2 oz bourbon
dash of bitters
dash of cherry juice
1 oz ginger beer

Directions: Combine all ingredients and pour into mini apothecary jars!


It is damp and rainy over here, but Paisley the bat is prepared with nips (for parents who are sticking it out in the rain) and candy (for the cute kiddos)!