Holiday Adult Party Favors

Hosting over the holidays and looking to excite your guests with a little creativity and a lot of holiday cheer? Look no further! Here are 5 different food and beverage inspired party favors for your holiday season! Don't let your guests leave hungry, thirsty, or empty-handed!

1. Bloody Mary To-Go

Let’s get real, go ahead and open this before Christmas Day! But in all seriousness, what an awesome party favor. What more do you need the morning after a wild party? Grab a glass, fill with ice and I give you the necessities, the base, to a darn good Sunday morning pick-me-up!

2. Chai and Baileys

If all you need is caffeine, here is loose leaf chai team. Plus, a little hair of the dog! Pour that Baileys inside and ease into your morning.

3. Gingerbread Cookies and Cookie Cutter

Bake gingerbread people for your guests and top with the cookie cutter so they to can continue to make the little cookies throughout the holiday season. If you have your favorite cookie recipe, add that to the little party favor as well!

4. Personalized Mini-Stocking and Prosecco

Purchase mini stockings with your guests initials (from Target) and use as a champagne koozie. A fancy brown paper bag over a bubbly treat. Keep the party going for your guests when they leave!

5. Wine Spritzers and Candy Dots

And for the sweet tooth, make these easy homemade candy dots and tape to a crips apple wine spritzer. A clever dessert for the walk home.