Paella with The Millers

As you know, Alex and I tied the knot! We made it official, and we couldn't be happier! What some of you don't know is that we stayed in Arizona for our honeymoon. Not only did we eat, drink and spend countless hours at the pool, but we had the absolute pleasure of spending time with friends and family. One evening in particular, we went to the Millers' house for dinner. Not knowing it would be such a spectacular culinary extravaganza, I was beyond surprised by the most amazing paella contraption I have ever seen and needless to say it was delicious. Chef Doug Miller, master paella maker, used his burner from La Tienda to treat us to quite the feast!

But first, let's set the scene. And a beautiful scene it was. The sun was setting perfectly, as it does every evening in Scottsdale, and the Cubs were in the World Series, which was prominently being played outside by the paella burner! Chef Doug makes a mean old fashioned, and the pups were enjoying their own happy hour running around (and in) the pool.

The Scene

Chef Doug was very prepared with the recipe. In fact, he had it written out for different group sizes. He immediately got to work, while we all "helped" / had cocktails and reminisced about our wedding! Alex's parents were with us and it was so fun to re-live the big weekend while cooking. What I love about the La Tienda burner is how social it is. We could all sit/stand around and help (or not, ehem, Alex), or just engage in great conversation, and that we did.

The Recipe

There are so many ways to make Paella! Try Tyler Florence's recipe here. Learn about the history of paella with the kitchen project, and even more over at Saveur in The Art of Paella.

The Machine, Made in Spain!

What an amazing contraption, one I have now witnessed in full force. You can purchase the burner from La Tienda an the pans at Williams-Sonoma. As for the ingredients, your on your own and I encourage you to get creative! On this beautiful evening Chef Doug added skipper lobsters at the end for an extra special taste.

Alex and I just purchased our very own, arriving on Monday, and we plan to fire it up Thanksgiving weekend when my Maid-of-Honor is in town with her boyfriend! It may be a bit cold, but we plan to put it in the garage, and we have plenty of hats and mittens to share. Stay tuned for updates on paella making in the Gundry home!