How to Create an Easter Hostess Gift

Easter is coming up soon! What did you give up for lent and are you going to indulge on the day? We are headed over to our next door neighbors house for egg hunting (they have two little kiddos), Easter lamb and champagne! In house filed with Legos and boys (two wild ones!) I wanted to create a girly basket for our neighbor, something for her to enjoy on the day! Here is how to! Also, this looks adorable, but believe it or not it cost $35 to make!

In case your hostess needs a candle, you've got her covered! Think sping with DW's Hycinth Bloom and Peony Petals! Cocktail napkins and straws to keep your guests mingling while you finish up that ham - these cute Happy Easter paper napkins are by Graphique and blue and white paper stripey straws are from Details!

Buy a bag of Cadbury eggs, keep some for yourself ;), and place a cup in a cellophane bag with a ribbon. This is a nice way to make delicious candy more elegant. I love these white Peeps. They are less neon, and so sweet. Have you had Hammond's caramel marshmallow candies? If not, run out and get them NOW!

Once guests leave, your hostess will need a little Lamarca bubbly and two cute dish towels to end the evening in the most wonderful way! Cheers!