Martha Stewart Contributing Network!

I am so excited to join the Martha Stewart Contributor Network! Addie's Confetti Kitchen can now be found sharing creative content on Martha Stewart’s online community.

The Martha Stewart Contributor Network is a is an ever-growing group of creative makers, small business owners, bloggers, entrepreneurs, and service professionals that share the spirit and creativity of Martha Stewart. This is a hand-picked and talented network of people who aspire to live a beautiful and creative life everyday.

Over 10 years ago I wanted to be Martha. And let's be real, nothing has changed. 5 years later I began working for her, and that dream, to be in her amazing brilliant presence became a reality. Cities and jobs later I am over-the-moon honored to be among such creative and talented people who moving forward (starting with the two below!) will regularly post inspiring ideas on

Martha has created a platform for us to inspire one another and I thank her for sharing such amazing opportunities to women. We are stronger together when we encourage and support each other’s dreams.