How to Make a Mint Julep

One week from today is the Kentucky Derby! I am beyond thrilled, honored is the word, to be cooking in the Mansion with Chef Rick Tramonto. I will be heading down to Kentucky on Wednesday for a couple days of prep and then the games begin, well the race we should say! Today I am getting in the spirit, mint julep style! 

How do you make a mint julep? One of my favorite recipes is below, and if you haven't yet - head over to Martha Stewart and check out my Derby Bar Cart post! Click here, and cheers!

Here is one of my favorite recipes, from Martha Stewart. Try this mint julep, or a blackberry one! Be sure to have a cold cold glass. Not only do metal glasses look pretty, but they really keep your drink cold. And why is that important? Well besides the obvious, the main reason is so that the crushed ice doesn't melt. With crushed ice there is less surface space and keeping it cold will keep your drink from watering down!

Fun fact - did you know that the drinking straw was originally created, yes truly invented for the sole purpose, in 1888 to sip a mint julep! Well, we all know my love for stripey paper straws, so that is a fun fact that I won't forget!