Videos with La Cuisine

Over at the RecipeLion test kitchen I teamed up with La Cuisine to shoot three videos with three of my favorite cast-iron pans. We made Chicken Fricasse, Tri-Color Roasted Potatoes, and Sauteed Peaches for dessert!

"Easy Chicken Fricassee is a comforting chicken dish that is loaded with fragrant herbs. This classic recip has many variations, but simple ingredients such as carrots, onions, and celery make this particular recipe shine. Dry white wine and heavy cream creates a rich flavor without being too challenging for the everyday cook to accomplish. The herbs de Provence is what sets this chicken apart from the crowd. After one bite of this easy recipe for chicken, you'll wonder why you've never made chicken this way before!" Check out the recipe here Chicken Fricasse and make sure to head over to La Cuisine for more information on the beautiful products. To purchase the dutch oven click here!

"Peaches are a staple in Southern dessert recipes, and this dessert showcases the sweet simplicity of the peach. Cast Iron Sauteed Peaches are cooked in a mixture of butter, sugar, and lemon juice for the ultimate treat. Peach cobblers and peach pies are great if you have the time, but if you want something quick, this is the perfect recipe for you. Once the peaches have been sauteed to perfection, add them to a bowl of vanilla ice cream. Be sure to drizzle the sugary sauce on top! As you take a bite of the warm peaches that have softened the vanilla ice cream, you'll find yourself transported to dessert heaven. So, the next time you have a craving for dessert, look no further than this recipe for Cast Iron Sauteed Peaches." Check out the recipe here Sauteed Peaches for dessert! and make sure to head over to La Cuisine. To purchase the skillet, click here!

"Roasted Tri-Color Potatoes are a great rustic oven roasted potatoes recipe that your guests will swoon over. Roasted potatoes are delicious, and this recipe brings a bit of that farmhouse feel to your table. This is such a simple, yet hearty meal that is sure to complement any dish as a vibrant and delicious side. This is a great alternative to regular mashed or scalloped potatoes and works well with meat dishes, especially beef and chicken. Dressed with just olive oil, sprigs of thyme, fresh herbs de Provence and a bit of salt and pepper, these potatoes are sure to steal the show no matter the occasion." Check out the recipe here Tri-Color Roasted Potatoes and make sure to head over to La Cuisine. To purchase the roasting pan, click here!

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