A Magical Unicorn Gift Basket for Mom and Baby Girl

One of my best friends has the sweetest baby girl, and also happens to be the sweetest! I wanted to get them a little something for the holidays and after taking one look at Le Grand Courtâge's special edition glitter bottle I was instantly inspired to create a magical unicorn gift basket full of goodies for mom and baby! Take a look inside, it is perfect for the holidays, a baby shower, or even birthday!


Oh my goodness where do we even begin with the cuteness? Well I have to say that this sparkling unicorn gift box is certainly an enticing beginning to a gift. One of my favorite things about holiday shopping is finding the perfect wrapping to match the theme! I found this gift box at TJMaxx. Make sure to check out their wrapping section, they have very high end products for low prices!


Ok, so we have the most beautiful and magical glitter bottle (for mom). Now we need to find "stocking stuffer" sized goodies for both mom and baby to fill the box with joy! I went straight to the dollar section at Target to find some fun mom products, and by mom products I mean cocktail party accessories! I love gifting cocktail napkins, stirrers and straws. This is a fun gift for anyone who is hosting over the holidays because it is one less thing to worry about!

Another thing that I love gifting to moms is Le Grand Courtâge's mini bottles. Who said a grown woman can't have a stocking? So I found a sequined stocking and in goes the mini bottles with straws, the perfect thing to sip on Christmas morning! What I love about the mini bottles is that I can open one while cooking or relaxing by the fire and enjoy the bubbles anytime anywhere. People are often intimidated by opening a large bottle of bubbly, so with these littles ones you need no excuse to pop the cork, it won't go flat or get wasted! And, full discolsure, I sometimes take one on a walk around the neighborhood in the evening!

For my friend's sweet girl, two of her first Christmas ornaments. A unicorn, of course. And a crown, fit for this little princess! Ornaments are a really inexpensive and fun gift for babies. I love the tradition that my husband's family started when he was a child. His mother gave her kids an ornament each year and so by the time we set up our own tree we had a collection to cover it with. Each one reminded him of a childhood memory or milestone making our tree even more special.

I also added a unicorn stuffed animal and a cuddly pink heart blanket. If I have learned anything as a new mom it is that you can never have enough burp cloths and blankets! I bring a blanket everywhere!


Ok, I know what is jumping off the screen and catching your attention...that AMAZING sparkling bottle of bubbly! I mean, have you ever seen anything so spectacular and perfect for the holidays?! “Embrace Life. Dream Big. Accept All Invitations.” is Le Grand Courtâge 's motto to live by and this bottle certainly embodies that. This is, as mentioned, what inspired my unicorn gift box!


“Embrace Life. Dream Big. Accept All Invitations.” To learn more Le Grand Courtâge , please click here!This post is sponsored by Le Grand Courtâge. The content and opinions expressed here are my own. Any questions about the unicorn gift box, feel free to Instagram message me @addiegundry!