Mama-to-be Must Haves

Where do you begin? Well, I sure don't know! But I am learning and I want to share with you a few of my favorite things that I have discovered during my first two trimesters. That is right, I can't believe it but I am cruising thru my third trimester already! These products and places have helped me sleep, capture memories, look cute, and more!

The Bump is a great place to register. The website allows you to aggregate your registries in the most user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing way making it easy for your friends and family to find and purchase what you need. The Bump also provides weekly notifications and has some great info for expecting moms.

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Le Petit Baby Book

I purchased the Le Petit Baby Book and love it. It’s featured on Anthropologie, but pro-tipe: I bought it on Amazon for a lower price and Prime shipping. It’s an adorable book that has just what you need to capture pregnancy milestones and the baby's first year. Also, it features a perfect little pocket inside to store your ultrasounds to go.

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H&M Mom (and Baby)

My local H&M store doesn’t sell maternity clothing in-store (only online) but, if you can, GO INTO THE STORE! Because they accept returns and immediately put them on the super sale rack. I bought a couple pair of adorable maternity jeans that fit so well for $19.99, originally $49.99, and I live in them.

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Fre (Non-Alcoholic) Sparkling Wine 

The hardest part about being pregnant? Not drinking. I mean, I’m just gonna be honest here: I am dying for a cocktail! But, I’ve found that Fre Sparkling Wine (which is non-alcoholic) is light and refreshing. I like to drink it out of a fancy champagne flute because it makes me feel like I am actually having a cocktail! Check out some of my mocktails with Fre wine here.

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I don’t think I’ll ever stop sleeping with my snoogle. My poor husband (and our dog, Paisley) has to deal with this giant thing in the bed, but it is so darn comfortable. Don’t let anyone tell you to wait until your belly is a certain size – I bought mine around 13 weeks and haven’t looked back!

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Olly Essential Prenatal Multivitamins

These chewy pre-natal vitamins taste like candy and do not make me nauseous, so I can pop them in my mouth in the morning without worrying about taking them with food.

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Don’t laugh, just do it. It’s getting harder and harder for me to bend down and tie my shoes to take Paisley for a walk. Crocs are a lifesaver because I can just slip them on, and they are so comfortable. And hey, they aren’t as ugly as some people think!

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