Little Nomad, Fashionable Children's Play Mats

Well, I have found the most beautiful (well, the only beautiful) play mat around! And it is called Little Nomad! Stylish foam flooring for children, yoga, and to comfort my feet in the kitchen! This portable, moveable, flooring is functional and fashionable. A great way to bring baby gear into the home without creating clutter or adding clashing colors to your decor!

Where is your Little Nomad play mat in your home?

We are getting ready for our little one and I am very excited to use our Little Nomad play mat. I have placed the mat in our living room and it is absolutely perfect. We have a living room that is more “formal” and a family room where we enjoy cocktails on the couch and the floor is always covered in dog toys. This special living room of ours is where we enjoy holidays, entertain with friends, and light the fire by the Christmas tree. What I love about Little Nomad is that this play mat fits in beautifully! A perfect way for baby gear to be part of the home without compromising style!