Cooper and The Ollie Swaddle

Looking for a good night sleep? Yes, I am talking about a good night sleep for the entire household! Well, look no further. Introducing The Ollie Swaddle. Known as the Smarter Swaddle™, this is by far, above and beyond, my favorite swaddle for Cooper. 


When Hindi created The Ollie Swaddle, she put a lot of love into the design. If you have read the story behind The Ollie, you already know that, and if you haven't you absolutely should, a she is incredibly inspiring! Hindi created the Ollie swaddle for her son, Oliver. She was determined to help Oliver sleep better and since starting her company she has remained passionate about helping other foster parents and parents who want their babies to sleep happily. This is clear, the determination to help other parents, because after taking one look at The Ollie Swaddle I can see all of the love that goes into it. From the moment it arrived in the mail I was in love. Just take a look at this packaging below and I wish you could feel how soft it is. It is truly unlike any other swaddle material I have ever seen.

The Ollie Swaddle is made from a custom moisture-wicking material to reduce the risk of overheating, and it is designed in a way to custom fit your baby to meet his or her individualized needs, cause let's face it - every baby is a different size and shape!

These photos below were taken on Saturday morning. Cooper was awake and looking around, as you can see in the first two photos, and I was hoping he would go down for a nap, but I was not too convinced he would. I swaddled him, placed him back in his DockATot, and within minutes, no seriously minutes, he fell asleep. Truly, this swaddle is MAGICAL, and believe me we have tried many others so I am speaking from experience! It also just looks like a dream. I chose the sky color, and Cooper looks like he is floating on a cloud!


Another thing I love about it is how the bottom of the swaddle works. It is very easy to use the elastic to make a "bun" and that way your baby can grown with the swaddle. The other amazing part is that you do not have to un-swaddle your babe in the middle of the night to change a diaper. For easy access diaper changes you can just undo the elastic bun and change your little one through opening at the bottom. With other swaddles I found that I would startle Cooper, when he was still half asleep in the middle night just needing a feeding, by un-velcrowing the swaddles.


What you may find interesting is that it comes in one-size! Now let me tell you why that is cool. Other swaddles have multiple sizes but what I found was that when Cooper grew out of one swaddle he was too small for the next size up. Strange, right? So he was too big for a newborn size but then going up just one size did not work for us because he had too much room in the swaddle and he was able to kick his legs around too much, disrupting his sleep. The Ollie Swaddle promotes ease with these transitional stages. Your baby will always fit in the swaddle.


Paisley appreciates the peace and quiet, as she likes to nap on Saturday mornings as well. and as you can see, she loves her little brother and wants him to be nice and cozy. Thanks to The Ollie Swaddle, he is!

So are you convinced?! Check out all of their products here and I know you will love them as much as I do! If you have any questions send me an Instagram message!

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The Ollie World provided the product. The content and opinions expressed are my own.