Cooking with Cooper and the DockATot

I don't even know where to begin. I am officially obsessed with the DockATot. So many moms told me about this wonderful item when I was pregnant but it seemed so simple. How could it be so magical? I am here to tell you that it is and that I completely understand why it is the #1 most registered baby item of 2017. The DockATot has been designed to offer a snug and soothing environment for babies, and trust me when I say, it does! We like to think it's the next best thing to the womb where babies can rest, play, lounge and best of all - sleep!


We began using our DockATot Deluxe+ the very first day we brought Cooper home from the hospital. While I created a beautiful nursery for Cooper, we did not spend too much time in his room in the beginning because he spent his first few months sleeping in a bassinet in our room. As I continued to work a bit while on maternity leave I was always on the move in the house. Whether in the kitchen (where I spend most of my day!), taking photos in our sunroom (where we get the best light), or taking a shower (rare), the DockATot was my perfect companion during those busy days. On the evenings and weekends, we were able to relax with Cooper by our side. We would place our DockATot safely on the couch in the family room, lay him in the dining room while we ate, and even right on the floor next to me by the fire in our living room.

The DockATot became our go-to place for Cooper to nap so that I could spend as much time around him as possible. This made it easy to keep an eye on him, rub his forehead if needed, and give him lots of kisses, as he was easily accessible! I also loved how safe it felt. As you can see below, our labradoodle Paisley LOVES Cooper. Whenever he was snug in the DockATot she knew that it was his space and she would not step near him. To me, the nice canoe-like design kept him cozy and contained wherever he was.

The DockATot is lightweight, simple, and ideal for travel—either from room to room, grandma’s house or on vacation. We spent the holidays in Arizona and brought our DockATot with us. I packed it right in a duffle bag, and it arrived perfectly clean and undamaged. It was fantastic to have in Arizona because Cooper was able to sleep and lounge in it, in a foreign environment. I am sure that you know when you travel it can be tricky. You do not want to bring a ton of stuff! The DockATot provided a great solution, as we could use it all over the house! We spent a lot of hours hanging by the Christmas tree working on tummy time. 

DockATot is the ideal spot to have tummy time with your little one. The rounded sides helps to prop up your awake baby when placed under his/her arms. Tummy time can help babies develop neck strength and motor skills, and looking at Cooper now I can see how beneficial it has been, he is one strong tiny peanut (barely on the growth chart, he is so little).


Just the other day we received the DockATot Deluxe! What a game changer. Now Cooper is able to hang out in the kitchen with me. I place the DockATot on the kitchen floor rug and he just plays and watches me cook. The Grand is perfect for cuddling, playing, lounging, resting and everything in between. I have also heard that it is ideal for bed transitioning, thanks to built-in, air permeable sides that act as bed rails. This allows your young children to settle more easily in a bigger bed. DockATot docks give little ones a snug sense of security in their newer, bigger beds.


All materials used are breathable, washable and hypoallergenic. All filling materials are sourced from world-leading suppliers and offer hygienic and non-toxic properties. Designed with love in Sweden and made in Europe, we chose the Bananas for You design in our DockATot Grand and then Pristine White for our DockATot Deluxe+. There are so many colors and patterns it was hard to choose!

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Thank you to DockATot for the gifts! Remmeber that the thoughts and experiences are my own.

DockATot Grand

DockATot Grand