Easy Mornings with the Baby Brezza Formula Pro

Have you seen this hilarious commercial? Any parents out there making bottles can relate! With Baby Brezza's Formula Pro making bottles just got a lot easier. As a first-time parent you have so many questions! I am constantly wondering what to do and if I am doing something right. So when I find a product that takes the worry out and adds a little more ease in the day I am all for it. Baby Brezza’s Formula Pro is the simplest way to make bottles any time of day and when transitioning from nursing to formula I could not be happier with our Formula Pro.

The Formula Pro automatically makes warm, formula bottles in seconds. No measuring, no mixing, no fuss with patented mixing technology. You can watch as it mixes formula powder and water to perfect consistency without air bubbles!


Here are the five reasons I love the Baby Brezza Formula Pro:

No waiting! –  Once the machine is set up with water and powder, it is always ready, all the time.
Water stays at near body temperature! – Ideal for easy digestion and baby’s enjoyment
No Mess! –  Dispenses perfect formula to water ratio so you don’t have to manually scoop powder
Convenient – No need for bottle warmers.
Fast! – Bottles are prepared in under 30 seconds

The product was provided to me by Baby Brezza.