Introducing Allergens to Cooper with Inspired Start

It’s official, I have a tiny little foodie! Our sweet Cooper is an eater! From peas to pineapple, beets to blueberries, this boy will eat anything and I love watching him grow and learn! Although he is very eager to try new flavors and is fearless when it comes to textures and combinations, I (from the get-go) have been the nervous one about it all! It is amazing how I will eat something that fell on the floor and don’t mind grabbing a few unwashed grapes out of the bag at the store but, when it comes to Cooper, I teeter that line of having a cleanliness obsession and the thought of giving him something like peanut butter was beyond scary! But, since my pediatrician agreed that allergen introduction was important, I knew I needed to find a way to introduce allergens to Cooper in a controlled way that made me feel just as comfortable as our little taste-tester. That brought me to Inspired Start.


So, what is Inspired Start? For those of you who do not know, and did not see my other post about Inspired Start, I will tell you a bit more about it. Inspired Start is a baby food that offers a guided and easy way to start feeding your baby potential allergens. Inspired Start has 8 delicious recipes: apple & peanut, apple & wheat, pear & egg, pear & sesame, banana & tree nut, banana & shrimp, mango & soy, and mango & cod. In each recipe, they use only the highest quality organic fruits and non-GMO ingredients. With all the thought put into the creation of these foods, it’s as if I made them in my own kitchen (in my last post, I actually do make recipes inspired by each of these delicious recipes!)

I began introducing Cooper to these purees a few months ago. When Cooper had his 4-month well visit my pediatrician said, “ok start feeding him.” And I thought, “um... ok. What first AND how AND why?” I know, it sounds silly, but when you have this tiny human that you are responsible for you start to care a lot more about how you clean and prepare food, and that is coming from someone who does it for a living! We began with basic purees and as I mentioned, Cooper was happy with everything so it was time to start jazzing it up. After just a few weeks of eating I was ready to introduce allergens, and thanks to Inspired Start, I was less concerned with how to do it “correctly”. Inspired Start removed some of those nerve racking thoughts and questions like: is this too much to try at once? What if I don’t cook the fish long enough? What if the fish is bad?! AH!

We began with Pack 1 and Cooper loved peanut as much as his parents do! What is neat about the boxes is that they give you a suggestion for what to feed your baby and when. You can follow the order that is provided to you, and again, it removes those “am I doing this right?” thoughts that pop in your head. I want Cooper to experience everything (while following the guidance of my pediatrician) and the reality is that preparing foods like shrimp and peanuts for my baby is hard. I’m so happy that I’ve found a product that makes early allergen introduction simple and stress-free so I can focus on enjoying mealtimes with our little peanut.


Aside from the ease of allergen introduction, Inspired Start comes in easy-to-open and transport pouches so that we can take the on the go! Summer is finally here and we are able to sit outside and enjoy mealtime anywhere. Take my word, and try Inspired Start! Let me know what you think about it, and enjoy!

You can find Inspired Start on Amazon Prime (um, hello two day shipping) or you can use the code “Addie5” on their website for $5 off + free shipping on your first order.

This is a sponsored post. All opinions and thoughts expressed are my own. We love Inspired Start and hope you do to! Please let us know what you think, comment on Instagram!