Gifts for Moms and Babies

Calling all baby clothing and accessory-aholics! It is official. I could shop for baby items all day long. I don't totally know why, but I just LOVE the tiny little outfits, matching bows and bibs, and the wrapping options are endless, because who doesn't love a good theme?! Here are some of my favorite recent gifts, hoping to give you ideas for upcoming baby showers and more!


1. Make a bow out of bows and top a gift with a "rattle"

My brother and sister-in-law are having a baby girl! Although I was unable to make it to her shower, I wanted to send something girly, because it is just too fun to find all things pink! What ended up being my favorite part of the present was not what was inside but what was on top! I used cellophane bags to create a bow out of bows. Filled the bags with bows and tied on either side of the center of the package! For a package of diapers I tied on a pink ball and filled in the bottom with ribbon to resemble of rattle! I found my ribbon (It's a Girl!) at Hobby Lobby!

2. Use a swaddle to wrap a non-alcoholic bottle of champagne

When I was pregnant with Cooper, I would drink this buy the case! Yes, you heard me right, the case. I loved (and still love) Fre, alcohol removed sparkling brut. I am telling you right now that it tastes just like champagne and I loved sipping out of a tall flute! I find myself bringing over a bottle to my pregnant friends' houses and a cuter way to do so is to wrap a bottle in a swaddle! A gift for mama-to-be :) This lemon swaddle is by Aden + Anais. Here is the step-by-step on how-to swaddle a bottle!

Also, side note, if you are hosting a baby shower, check out this post I did last year! Adorable ways to host with Fre!


3. Match a cozy cuddly stuffed animal with a book

We love these Jelly Cat books! Cooper enjoys touching the puppy dog's ears and I think it is so cute to give these gifts with the matching animal! There are so many to choose for, including a bunny and a hippo, the options are endless!


4. Pick a theme, like construction sites!

One of our favorite books is, Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site. It inspired me to create this gift for a baby boy that is due soon! I topped the book with construction pajamas from Baby Gap, bibs and a construction swaddle from Little Unicorn and then of course a tiny truck from Amazon.


5. Or, get to the beach!

Summer babies! Find a beach themed onesie and swaddle blanket (like this one by Angel Dear) and wrap it up with a beach book and a pail of toys. Both the book and toys are from Amazon. The starfish is from Hobby Lobby.


6. Welcome little boy!

What do you want in the hospital? A pacifier, a layette, and a glass of champagne. In no particular order. Well, maybe the champagne first. I tied a blue bear pacifier to a bottle of bubbly and found this adorable Kissy Kissy outfit. The complete package - everything you need - for the hospital! Hint: the only other thing you need is disposable underwear and pain meds. Both are given to you there ;)


Tell me about your baby gifts! What do you buy? What do you love?! Share on Instagram and tag me!