Baby Food Jars Become Party Favors!

I think it took my husband a couple weeks before he asked what I was doing with all of my baby food jars. Actually, I think he noticed but has learned it is best to just not ask ;)! I began saving Cooperโ€™s baby food jars a long time ago. Meaning, I am admitting that I have been planning his first birthday party for a long time! I cleaned and sanitized all of the jars and nothing went to waste (Cooper is a great eater!). Take a look below at the how-to and see the behind-the-scenes photos!


Baby Food Jar Crafts: Turn a Jar into an Adorable Candy Container


  • Baby Food Jars I used Beach Nut Naturals because I like the taller shape. Another option would be to use Gerber.

  • Small Plastic Dinosaurs Purchased at Oriental Trading.

  • Spray Paint I used Rust-Oleum Brilliant Blue, Meadow Green, and seaside. I used the gloss finish so that my jar lids would be shiny.

  • Candy I used gummy dinosaurs by Haribo and assorted sour gummy treats. I think gummies look nice in the jars!


  1. Feed your baby! Ok, so seriously, I started collecting baby food jars months ago. Cooper was still eating purees and I would feed him and then clean out the jar. It is important to sterilize the jars. I suggest soaking the jar in soap and water, removing the labels (they should come off easily and if a couple feel sticky use Goo Gone). Rinse and dry. I then put all of my jars and lids in the dishwasher. This sterilizes them.

  2. Using a hot glue gone or super glue, glue a small dinosaur to the top of a lid. Allow to dry.

  3. Spray paint the lid/dinosaur with the desired paint color. Allow to dry.

  4. Fill your jars with candy, cover, and enjoy!