Dinosaur Party Favors!

I have always loved making party favors! I am not quite sure why, but I find it so fun to gather all of the goodies and assemble them! I had a lot of fun making these for Cooper’s birthday party this weekend! Take a look inside the bucket…!


Bucket: Similar to the dinosaur candy jars that I made, I like giving away a goodie that people can actually keep and use instead of throwing away! This cute little bucket can be used for anything! Perfect for a kids room or bathroom. Walmart, $0.50.

Slinky: A fun little toy goes a long way! Pack of 8 slinkys at Walmart for $1.99

Crayons: Who doesn’t love crayons! $0.49

Fruit Leather: A slightly healthy sweet snack :)

Lolly Pop and Candy Necklace: Too cute to pass up, and such perfect iconic treats!

PBJ Bar: Trader Joe’s has DELICIOUS treats, and the packaging is always so fun, making these goodie buckets bright and colorful!

Birthday Cake Bar: Um, even MORE DELICIOUS! And fits the theme! A little cake to-go. From Trader Joe’s as well.

Raisins: Who doesn’t love raisins? I mean, I am sure a lot of kids, but they are a great go-to snack!

Plastic Dinosaur: Because of course a dino has to go home with the kids!

Stores for great supplies:

  • Walmart has great buckets, bags, candy and toys!

  • Trader Joes for some fun snacks and chocolates

  • Gift tags from Etsy Shop: PrintsForEvents