Choosing a Birthday Invitation

There are four things that ever party needs (in my opinion)! Invitations, balloons, a cake, and party favors! Ever since I was a little girl I loved birthday parties! I loved planning my own and I vividly remember assembling goodie bags on our living room floor. I really honestly do not know what I love so much about planning a party, but I do! In the next week or so I will be sharing with you so many details that have come together to create Cooper’s first birthday party! I wanted to start by sharing the invitations!



Invitations set the tone of the party. It is the first thing that your guests will see, before they even arrive at the event, and so it literally invites them into what is to come! I have always loved invitations, and I love paper. Don’t get me wrong, paperless post and evites are very adorable and the options out there are endless, but I just am such a sucker for paper!

Our save the dates for our wedding were created by a designer I worked with in Chicago and they had a watercolor prickly pear margarita with a recipe on them! What I loved about these were that it set the tone for FUN! We literally had a margarita recipe on the back haha! Also, it really showed who we are. I cook, we love to entertain, and it was unique! Our wedding invitations were designed by a woman on the East Coast and I still can’t stop looking at our Rehearsal Dinner invitations, as they were so bright and bold! Our rehearsal dinner was at my husband’s family’s home and super casual (tacos and tequila) and our wedding was black tie and very formal. Our invites reflected these themes. Take a look here:

Rehearsal Dinner Invitation: Click here for my post! Plus more wedding pics :)

Wedding Featured in Martha Stewart: Click here for the feature!

Save the Dates: Click Here for my post!

OK, well I digressed! But, point is. I LOVE invitations and they set the part vibe!


ETSY is my go-to. For two reasons. One, it can be inexpensive to work with a smaller designer versus using Minted or a larger company, and two, I love showcasing and working with fellow creative entrepreneurs! When it came to a dinosaur invitation there were WAY too many; however, a lot of them were tacky. My tip - search for dinosaur invitation and then skip all the way to page 15 or something on etsy. I find that the first 10 pages are usually ones that have so many tags and that is why they get ranked higher, but the beautiful simple ones tend to be towards the end.

I came across this invitation and loved it. I worked with Audrey, who is AMAZING, to customize the colors, the wording, everything! She even had them printed with addresses. She was a dream to work with and I am looking forward to designing our Christmas card with her. Be sure to take a look at her shop, PrintsForEvents.


When hosting a party for friends and family, they know where you are and they know how to reach you. In my opinion, there is no reason to provide an address, cell phone, or email. I liked the simplicity of writing “At the Gundry’s house” and RSVP to Addie.

Don’t write an end time. To me, people know that it is a kids birthday party and they don’t plan to overstay their welcome, drink past bedtime, etc. Just write when people should arrive! *that said, Cooper’s party went quite late ;)