Halloween Treats with Fre

Boo! I usually mix things up and make mocktails but for Halloween parties I want to show you how to mix one, and then embellish / decorate others! Take a look!

First, this delicious pink candy corn “mocktini”! Pour Fre’s (new) rose in a martini glass and top with candy corn! Candy corn “melts” and starts to color this adorable halloween treat! Fre alcohol-removed Rosé is a delicate, pink-hued wine, with lively strawberry and citrus flavors. The palate is crisp and fruity, with ripe berry accents and a beautiful, refreshing finish. Add a dash of sugar (candy corn) and you have the cutest mocktail around!


I call it Witches Brew! Mix Fre’s Sparkling Brut with root beer! I am telling you, it is so fun and delicious! I do half and half! Serve chilled of course.

Just in case you are wondering how this is made, because it is my all time favorite and amazing how it tastes SO MUCH LIKE champagne! Fre sources the fruit for our alcohol-removed Sparkling Brut from cool, foggy vineyards in California's premier marine-influenced regions, where grapes ripen slowly on the vine, developing bright acidity and crisp flavor. Their winemakers carefully craft this Sparkling Brut using traditional methods; then our exclusive spinning cone process gently removes the alcohol while preserving the wine's delicate aromas and flavors.


Last but not least, my cute spooky Red Blend. I mix 1 ounce of cranberry juice with 3 ounces of Fre’s Red Blend. Top with ghost marshmallows and serve. Deep ruby red in color, Fre’s alcohol-removed Red Blend opens with ripe, black cherry aromas. The palate is rich and smooth, with bright fruit flavors, framed by a subtle smoky character and a lingering finish.


This is a sponsored post. All photos, thoughts and words are my own.