Frozen and Fun Fre Mocktails

It is August, and it is HOT, and I am VERY pregnant! Due in just a couple weeks, so really any day now! I am hanging in there and feeling great. I am celebrating every day (being so blessed and the excitement is hard to contain). So how do I celebrate? With Fre! Here are a few frozen, ice-cold mocktails. Frozen, ice and cold are three words pregnant women love in the summer ;)


Let’s talk about this dessert! I mean, mocktail ;) The perfect way to get a sweet treat and a little mocktail in one. To make, place a creamsicle in a stemless wine glass. Pour Fre Sparkling Brut on top. Sip and enjoy the creamsicle, placing it back in the glass of wine while to mix and mingle with friends. The creamsicle will melt and just add more flavor to the brut.

Fre’s Sparkling Brut has a fragrant bouquet of green apple and ripe pear is balanced by a crisp palate of apple and strawberry. This bubbly is beautifully balanced with a dry, refreshing finish and pairs really well with the sweet orange and cream. Learn more here.


One of my go-tos this summer, Fre’s amazing alcohol-free rose. It is to die for, and add in luxuardo cherries and juice and you have a beautiful mocktail over ice.

Ingredients: 1 cup Fre alcohol-removed Rosé + 1 ounce Luxardo cherry juice + 3-4 Luxardo cherries to garnish

Directions: Combine in glass over ice and serve cold!

Fre alcohol-removed Rosé is NEW! This did not exist when I was pregnant with Cooper and I am just loving it now! It is a delicate, pink-hued wine, with lively strawberry and citrus flavors. The palate is crisp and fruity, with ripe berry accents and a beautiful, refreshing finish. I drink alone and it pairs well with fish and summer salads.


Ok this one is a crowd pleaser!! Skewer watermelon pieces and serve in Fre’s Sparkling Brut or their delicious Moscato.


This post is sponsored by Fre. The content and opinions expressed here are my own. I am really enjoying creating and consuming these delicious alcohol-removed wine recipes. Stay tuned for more!

For more information about Fre, visit their website here.