Entertaining Moments that WOW with Boursin® Cheese

Entertaining Moments that WOW with Boursin® Cheese

Who doesn’t love a good cheese board? It is definitely my go-to when it comes to entertaining, especially around the holidays, but cheese boards can get a bit stale, boring if you will. Holiday party after holiday party, you’re going to see a lot of them! But don’t let those boring large mounds of orange cubes at your company gathering discourage you. When put together with fun ingredients and delicious cheese, these plates can be WOW-worthy! There are so many options, color combinations, and the flavor possibilities are endless! I am here to provide you a few tips and tricks when it comes to making a wow-worthy cheese board to impress your guests!


Pick a Color Scheme

The first thing I do is choose my mood for the board. Whether you are inspired by a piece of evergreen from a tree, a bright napkin in your closet, or a new fun cracker you found at the grocery store, begin with something and then build colors and a vibe around it. For me I began with a pomegranate. I love the deep red color and it reminds me of autumn and the holidays. With my pomegranate in-hand I walked around the grocery store looking for edible and non-edible items that fit this warm color scheme. Dried cranberries (berries of any kind), deep purple grapes, spikey rambutan, and peachy pink pears all fit the bill. Even my cured meats had a hint of this wine color palette, and I was ready to assemble! After I find my colors I then can fill in with what may be missing. 

TIP: I can’t tell you how many times I stumble upon something random in a store and it sparks an idea. Go with your gut and find motivation in anything.

 The Star of the Show!

As I mentioned, this is a cheese board, so we need cheese! My go-to? Boursin®. Over fifty years after the first creation of this creamy and crumbly cheese, Boursin® continues to be one of my all-time favorite cheeses and because it is available in so many varieties, I love showcasing two or three when creating a cheese board. It is a versatile cheese that is spreadable on anything, and the texture is so light and fluffy, perfect for an appetizer. Currently, Boursin® Cheese is available in the original Garlic & Fine Herbs, as well as varieties of Pepper, Shallot & Chive, Basil & Chive, Cranberry & Spice and Red Chili Pepper. My husband loves the original Garlic & Fine Herbs, so that often makes an appearance as well.

TIP: Now you don’t have to go crazy with cheese on a board. Two or three is a great starting point and then you can fill the rest of the board with other edible delicious items. This way people get a variety of flavors and do not just fill up on cheese.


Crunchy Vehicles

Think outside the cracker box. When choosing items to spread cheese onto, think beyond bread and traditional starches. For my board I had cucumbers, pears and parmesan crisps. All fun ways to add a unique twist on the traditional. I always serve cured meats with my cheese boards because these too can be eaten alone, or used as a place to spread cheese on top! Of course I do include a cracker, as people tend to like the traditional!

TIP: When thinking crunchy think starch, fruit, veggie. Here I provided my guests with a cracker, a pear, and a cucumber. There are many options in these three varieties and your guests will love the different types of crunchy vehicles. Other ideas include crostini, pretzels, apples, dried mangos, celery, and endive.


Olives and Nuts - Keep them Separate

You may notice that I am missing olives and nuts, two traditional ingredients on a cheese board, and I did this on purpose! Here is why. I like to serve olives and nuts at the bar. Not only can you garnish a drink with an olive, but it is a fun thing to eat while mixing a cocktail. Also, I never want to include a bowl for pits on my cheese plate, because eww, but it feels ok to do this at the bar. As for the nuts, I like having a few bowls of mixed nuts around the house when entertaining and it is a nice way to have an easy snack off of the main appetizer board.

TIP: Instead of putting olives and nuts on the board, I like to add a few fun items to my cheese boards. You will see that I put crystalized ginger, chestnuts and figs throughout the board.


Cheese boards are beautiful and delicious! Enjoy creating one this holiday season and share with me when you do! Tag me on Instagram and be sure to use the hashtag: #MadetoWow and #ImSoMartha

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This is a sponsored post. All opinions and writing is my own. For more information on Boursin®, plus fun recipes that include Boursin® Cheese, take a look at their site.